The Healing Group


Therapy for Individuals, Families, Adolescents




Individual therapy is based on a client therapist relationship that is supportive, compassionate and without judgment. Common goals of therapy can be to inspire change and to help improve your quality of life. People often seek therapy for help with issues that are hard to face alone. We will help with depression, anxiety, interpersonal conflicts and impaired abilities at work or school. We have extensive clinical experience in helping people with the skills to manage symptoms, reduce stress, and improve their quality of life.


We provide adolescent crisis intervention and have been working alongside Educational Consultants and school districts to help place teens in the optimal setting. Steven is one of the few adolescent transporters in the United States, and provides safe and professional transport to therapeutic boarding schools and wilderness programs. In 2008, Steven created and founded High Risk Transport…


Families often struggle with problems that impact each of its members. We provide family therapy in order to and focus on the family as a whole and we offer 1:1 treatment in conjunction when appreciate. Our goals in working with families include raising awareness of each other’s experiences, improving communication, and reducing conflict.


We are trained addiction specialists and run recovery groups focused on Emotional Regulation, Divorce and Parenting, and Addiction Issues. Some groups are gender specific. Our groups are conveniently scheduled in the evening and on Saturdays.


Alison is available to supervise professionals in their private practice or in working toward certification/licensing. She relies on strategies including setting and committing to concrete goals, using reflective questioning to increase competence, and providing corrective feedback when a clinician is stumped or challenged by an obstacle in their work with others to achieve recovery. She will also be able to assist fellow providers by relying on guiding principles, the code of ethics and how best to apply them in the course of their work with others.


We are trained intervention specialists and will facilitate the entire intervention process. We provide counseling and support to loved ones prior to the intervention and will maintain contact after the intervention is completed. We have years of experience with several, well known, rehab centers throughout the United States and worldwide and will coordinate admission to the most appropriate facility.